Additional services

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Additional services

Removal is a process design and logistics project including several things. Below you can find services we provide in addition to removals or as stand-alone services.


Packing essentially protects your items from dirt and physical damage as well as having a crucial role in organization. If you require our removal services, you can leave the entire process of the move to our expert team. We pack your items before and unpack them after the move, for which we provide the packing material. Should you opt for our packing service, by using previously prepared labels and, in the case of documents, by keeping the order, we ensure that items are put in the correct place at the new location.

Our packing materials reflect quality. Our corrugated cardboard boxes are clean and new. We use bubble wraps for the protection of highly sensitive items (TV, fish tank, painting) and stretch wrap for packing large furniture. Our tapes hold firmly.

Skilled packing is a very important aspect of a move. Relocating a well-packed household takes less time, which can save you money.

Dismantling and assembling furniture

With several years of experience, the professional relocation of furniture, dismantle and installation of wall cabinets cause us no trouble. We disassemble, reassemble, take down or put up furniture, lights, chandelliers, pelmets, washing machines or dishwashers and install them on demand. The same service applies to electric devices.

Upon your request, our team disassembles and reassembles flat pack kitchen and/or living room furniture.

We provide the transport of special or one-off items, works of art and antique furniture. We are also ready to solve unusual cases of transport (lifting items up to floor level, winching, transporting heavy machines, etc.)

Clean up

We provide our services to do extensive cleaning that occur before and after the move. Upon agreement, we carry out internal renovations abroad, involving an independent contractor in the work.


You bought it but cannot take it home? Request our service and we pick up your newly-bought furniture from the shop and deliver it to your home.


Our services include loading and unloading trucks using manual labour, storage materials handling, loading goods on the premises, moving furniture within the building, dismantling or assembling industrial metal shelves or units.

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