Office removals

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Office removals

Nowadays businesses or companies often relocate their entire office, which requires large-scale organization, thorough preparation and precise, perfect cooperation.

Our company’s profile of office removals has been shaped by several years of experience. When relocating offices, institutions, storages or workshops, we first consult the customer about their demands to be able to arrange the time and the schedule of packing around office life.

We know that time is money, so the relocation is organized according to a strict schedule, which is preceded by a detailed plan drawn up by our client and our company in cooperation. Should you opt for our packing service, by using previously prepared labels and by keeping the order of documents, we ensure that items are packed properly and put in the correct place at the new location as per layout plan.

To provide a smooth office move, we generally carry out the removal between Friday afternoon, after shut-down and Monday morning, before work starts. This means that we can move whole record offices while keeping the correct order. We dismantle and reassemble furniture and shelves. Safes, highly sensitive or heavy weight equipment (xerox machine, server) and personal effects are handled, packed and transported with care.

In the case of classified or confidential files, we guarantee no introspective access, provide supervised and restricted handling of the documents or seal the loading space upon request.

If you do not opt for our packing service, we offer to loan our boxes or provide them for purchase.

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