Why us?

Fortunately more and more people realize that not everyone has the expertise to remove and that reliable, fastidious and responsible, trained staff is required for the job.

If you have reached us through an acquintance and they have recommended us, then you know that Kávai Removals always performs above customer expectations. If you found us on the Internet, we would like to convince you now to choose us because:

  • The removals are fully covered by insurance (liability insurance).
  • We arrange for domestic and international transport for the fraction of the market price
  • We are quick.
  • Our fastidious, experienced, precise and trained removal personnel take good care of the properties they are entrusted with. (We employ female movers, too.)
  • The members of our staff meet a set of strict criteria.
  • The majority of our staff have been working in the industry and with us for several years.
  • We use or provide good quality packing materials for removals at all times.
  • Our vans are equipped with all the tools and implements necessary for a move.
  • We have several vans at our disposal, so the cancelation of a pre-ordered removal due to mechanical failure cannot occur.
  • Our numberous services and favourable prices enable us to meet special demands quickly and precisely.
  • There are no hidden costs, we do not overcharge for unexpected circumstances.
  • After a free personal survey of your properties and effects, we are able to provide a fixed and more exact quote.

In today’s busy world our goal is to provide our customers with a perfect removal serivce, to save them time and money and to relieve them of the unnecessary stress. When a customer says „I am so happy I called you.” that is the greatest compliment to us.

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